“Alex makes it easy to sort through all the business tools and concepts to find the right one for your company.”

—Don Woods

CEO, Mobility Professionals

Alex Vorobieff

Alex Vorobieff is the founder and CEO of The Vorobieff Company, a premier business-consulting organization. A highly sought-after speaker and business alignment coach, Alex Vorobieff has helped scores of successful companies eliminate the real source of their frustration using business alignment tools (a term he coined after years of working with and investigating different business systems).

In addition to solving thorny business problems, Alex Vorobieff enjoys pursuing his hobby of photography. 

What he does.

The Vorobieff Company specializes in helping companies get their team members on the same page to achieve desired outcomes. They assist frustrated leaders in finding their unique starting lines, selecting the right alignment tools for their specific situations, and finally replacing chaos with clarity.

How he does it.

Alex Vorobieff has a very detailed, yet custom process to help CEOs and businesses facing critical business issues. It starts with a thorough analysis for deep understanding of the company’s current situation. The analysis leads to clearly defined action steps for resolving the root cause of the pressing issues. 

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