Do you ever have that feeling? It starts in your stomach while thoughts race through your mind giving your entire body a sense of unease. This ‘gift” or the DeadlyGift often arrives in the morning especially on Monday mornings. “Here we go again,” another week of frustration is starting.


We suppress this signal (Eating, drinking, surfing the internet) but our mind has a way of just amplifying that signal, so we increase our signal suppression activities and our mind responds by cranking up the signal even louder to get your attention. This all leads to health problems. Any wonder why heart attacks are more likely to occur on Mondays? But this signal is a gift. It’s telling us something is wrong.

Something is out of alignment. It might be you, the company or both. How can you use this DeadlyGift – before it kills you?

There are three steps for using this gift.

  1. Observe – (See what is really going on)
  2. Question – (Determine what is important)
  3. Align – (Make decisions based on the answers)

Today, we will focus on the first step. Observe like an alien would to find out what is pushing the buttons inside this mind. What is the root cause of this person’s pain? Try it for a week. Make note of what you are doing when and just before that feeling comes up. Is there a common denominator? Is it related to certain people, events, or activities such as checking email or participating in meetings. Also make note when you have the opposite feeling while working. Note when you feel good and when you are gaining energy. Write as though you are an interested but unattached observer. Just seeking to understand what moves the needle to negative town or towards meaningful work. You will likely start to see some patterns and the source of the pain.

Once you have a sense of what is happening, it is time to use the most powerful tool human beings possess: the ability to QUESTION. Specifically, question what is important and then use those answers to align future decisions and actions.

By observing what is causing the pain, questioning what is important and aligning future decisions with what is important, you will remove the source of the DeadlyGift before it is too late. Check out the book Transform Your Company for more on how to align you and your company.

Alex Vorobieff


Transform Your Company book cover | Author Alex Vorobieff
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