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Relationship With Feedback – Confronting Reality – Chapter 2

Finding your personal starting line starts with identifying your relationship with feedback. Business alignment tools will not produce the desired results if you are unable to confront reality. If you do not have a clear understanding of your relationship with feedback and working to improve a poor relationship, don’t waste time and money on tools and consultants.

Click here to learn how Alex Vorobieff first got inspired with the Starting Line concept.

Generally determining if you have a fixed or growth mindset helps to point you in the direction of your relationship with feedback. The next step is to determine exactly where you are on the starting line:


Click here to view the starting line matrix, which provides a detailed description of each possible position on the starting line and how to exit a poor relationship with feedback.  I recommend reading columns 4 & 5 of each category to see if you can identify the position that best describes your situation.




If you prefer to just take a survey: Here is a simple survey to identify your relationship with feedback. Answer the questions assuming that you are answering if from the perspective of people in your business and life and they are going to respond based on your past behavior.

Click here to view what the results from the survey indicate.

Business Alignment Tool Map (BAT_MAP)

These maps give you the ability to see the logical sequence for improving your business. The process and flow moves from left to right.

This is the first image is the map in its most summarized form. There are Core Alignment Tools (Chapter 3 & 5) and Bolt-On Alignment Tools (Chapter 4)

This second image gives you the categories within each of the two sections

This link gives you the entire map of all the business concepts plotted to date. It is always evolving….

Core Alignment Tools Matrix

This matrix provides a summary of some of the most popular core alignment tools.

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