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We keep it simple.

Our strategy begins with triangulating where you, and your company, are right now. Once we have a sense of where you are starting from we craft a plan to move forward.

We empower you to transform your company into a thriving company! We’ll set goals in place, help you harness your HumanPower through the coordination of their actions and those goals, and set a plan to achieve desired outcomes.


Step 1 - Triangulating Relationship with Feedback

It starts with verifying the leader has a healthy relationship with feedback. If it is not ideal, then we map out how to improve it and when you are ready to begin the process of transforming the company. Once the leader has a sufficient relationship with feedback, to begin the process, we bring in the leadership team into the process.

Step 2 - Identifying the HumanPower Bottleneck

Where are things going wrong? Where are people seeing things differently? We start with asking people the important questions: Why does the company exist, what are its core values, what is essential for the company to thrive, how would they define the culture of the company? Who is responsible for what. Etc. While we are interviewing team members we are also looking for the HumanPower bottleneck which is describe in chapter 3 of Transform Your Company. The bottleneck can occur at the FrontLines, Feedback or HumanPower level of the company.

We then consolidate the responses and findings so the leadership team can see the gaps. People then understand how the differences in answer and evidence showing where the HumanPower Bottleneck is occurring creating frustration and dysfunction within the company.

Step 3 – Identify Where to Start the Alignment Process and Best Tools to Utilize

This is where the path diverges depending on the circumstances. Some companies have already started the alignment process while others are starting from square one and need to select a core alignment tool.

Step 4 – Begin Implementation Process

The key difference in our process is finding your personal starting line and not assuming one alignment system  or bolt-on tool can fix any problem. You will select the best tool for you with an understanding of your relationship with feedback; you will be better prepared to overcome the challenges that arise while transforming your company into a thriving one.

“As a CPA I have worked with many frustrated business owners. Alex not only identifies the key source of their frustration, he provides actionable steps to eliminate it.”

—Roger Wadell

CPA in public practice

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